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Lifeway Kefir

I started adding Kefir to my diet last year. I had been hearing about the wonderful benefits of adding a probiotic to my daily food regimen from a lecture on gut health.

Kefir originated in parts fo Easter Europe and Southwest Asia.The word Kefir is derived from a Turkish word, keyif, which means, "feeling good" after eating. The lactic acid bacteria in the kefir culture act on the lactose in milk which gives it a sour taste, not unlike that of yogurt.

The microorganisms in Kefir can influence health in numerous ways, including digestion, weight management, and mental health. Kefir contains about 30 microorganisms and yeast which make it a much more potent source of probiotics than any other fermented dairy products.

Kefir has potent antibacterial properties and can help protect against infections. It can also improve bone health and help prevent osteoporosis. It may be protective against cancer in inhibiting tumor growth. Some test tube and animal studies have shown that kefir can inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Other added benefits are that it helps with all sorts of digestive issues by introducing beneficial bacteria to the gut, crowding out bad bacteria and yeast which can cause bloating and discomfort.

And finally, Kefir can sometimes be tolerated by people who are lactose intolerant.

Adding Kefir to my daily routine has helped to improve my health in many ways. I no longer get bloated or uncomfortable after eating. I feel wonderful. My regularity has been greatly improved and I have fewer cravings. I love the taste and use it on my granola for breakfast.

I have tried several different brands of Kefir but I always seem to return to Lifeway. I like the taste and it's not super thick.

You should definitley think about adding Kefir to your daily regimen for it's health benefits. I'm sure you will notice the difference in just a short time.



I am concerned about how food and lifestyle affect our health, happiness and ovall wellbeing.

I work with clients to support them to improve their health and reach the goals that they set for themselves.

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