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What My Fitbit Does For Me

I treated myself to a Fitbit for Christmas this year with the hopes that it would be a great incentive to exercise. I got it all set up and installed on my computer and I was ready.

The first time I tried it out I made the commitment to walk about 3 miles, walking 30 minutes in a direction away from my home and 30 minutes coming back. It was an enjoyable walk at an easy but steady pace, using the sites of Magazine St for entertainment and even stopping into a shop or two to look around.

I have increased my distance since then and walk an average of 4 miles each time I walk. On one occasion I walked all the way from my home to Avenger Park, behind Audubon Park Zoo. This walk was approximately 8.4 miles.

The fitbit tracks my progress which is a real incentive for me to do more and I love it. Plus, it sends you messages as you make strides in your progress and rewards you for doing so.

I recently received my first marathon badge, meaning that I have walked 26 miles since using my Fitbit.

I would highly recommend getting one if you are the kind of person who is encouraged by positive reinforcement. It has certainly helped me in my goal to health and fitness.



I am concerned about how food and lifestyle affect our health, happiness and ovall wellbeing.

I work with clients to support them to improve their health and reach the goals that they set for themselves.

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