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Moringa in the Garden

The girls from Nola Kitchen Gardens and Compost suggested I plant Moringa trees in the garden because they are considered a superfood, full of vitamins, minerals and protein. Moringa is widely grown in Africa, South America and Mexico. The trees grow quite rapidly and all of the parts are edible with the exception of the roots. I have four trees growing in my yard and they have grown considerably since they were planted in late Spring.

Here is one of my trees. In doing some research on the many benefits of this superfood, (also know as the drumstick tree), I found out that it's medicinal uses are as follows...

It increases mental clarity

It helps to normalize blood sugar

Improves wound healing

Eliminates constipation

Improves digestion

Increases lactation for nursing mothers

Stimulates hair growth.

While we was on the island of Lombok we saw some little trees that the farmers used to border their rice fields. We were told by our driver that the trees grow really fast and that the leaves were edible. He also said that they were especially good for young mothers in that they increased lactation. Turns out they are the same trees.

When I returned home from my travels I was pleasantly surprised to find that my trees had grown to over 10 ft tall. I pruned the tops to encourage them to bush more, and have been experimenting with some different recipes. The leaves taste a bit like spinach when steamed and then sautéed with garlic. I also put some into that chicken curry that I posted the recipe for in a previous post.

If you have some room in your yard I highly encourage you to grow some moringa trees. They are beautiful addition to mine.

Happy Gardening!



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