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Ramping Up Your Activity Level

Over the last two years my life has taken a big step in the right direction. Going through my study of nutrition has helped me to understand more about our food systems in the United States and what constitutes real food from what I would term food like substances. Changing the way I eat has given me more energy, better stamina, clearer skin, stronger nails and an overall sense of wellbeing. In my earlier years I believed that cutting calories would help me to lose weight but what I didn't realize was that I was actually starving my cells of the nutrients they needed to function optimally. If you feed your cells what they need they will work better for your body to function the way nature intended.

All of the changes I have made have been very beneficial to my health, but the one thing I credit for the change in how I look today has been ramping up my activity level with walking. I blogged earlier, about getting myself a fitbit for Christmas and the great incentive it gives me to move my body. I started in late December by focusing on walking 10,000 steps, the CDC's recommended amount to maintain fitness. You can read all sorts of articles pro and con 10,000 steps per day but for me it's made all the difference in the world. In fact, I've ramped up my walking goal to 15,000 steps, which takes roughly 2 hours. I don't necessarily walk this every day, but I try to walk it at least 3-4 times per week. I also practice Pilates on the alternate days, which keeps me strong, flexible and balanced.

Yesterday I walked Crescent Park from my home, a walk that was just over 6 miles. I hydrate at the halfway point then walk back. It was a lovely walk that revealed a new view at every turn.

I invite you to begin walking, wherever you live. Start slowly and increase your steps as it begins to feel easy for you. Get a fitness watch to give you incentive. Take your music along with you to keep you can even dance along the way. You will find that the inches will begin to melt away and you will feel so good from doing the work.

Happy Walking!



I am concerned about how food and lifestyle affect our health, happiness and ovall wellbeing.

I work with clients to support them to improve their health and reach the goals that they set for themselves.

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