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Harvesting And Eating From The Garden

Upon returning to New Orleans from a great weekend in San Diego's Mission Beach I found that the garden was producing nicely. Unfortunately, some of my long beans were way overgrown so I harvested them and popped out the beans so that we can plant them again next growing season. I did have quite a few to harvest that were the perfect size and I braised them with some garlic, scallions, chile flakes and served it over soft scrambled eggs. I love eggs so tonight I sautéed some Malabar Spinach in butter with some sliced garlic, and some shiitake mushrooms and I served this dish topped with a fried egg. Lots of vitamins and minerals are retained when cooking things straight from your garden. I've got some okra in the refrigerator that I'll add tom when I pick in the morning and I'll cook that sometime tomorrow. Having wonderful fresh food at hand gives me lots of fun ways to explore that food and discover new recipes to prepare. I've been researching for recipes using okra leaves, which are so abundant on the plants. I've read that only the younger leaves are palatable and that you shouldn't use too much in any recipe because of the thickening effect they give off.

I'm determined to try them sometime anyway to see what happens...I encourage you all to grow some green things in your backyard. My garden gives me so much pleasure...I would love for you to have the same experience in your back yard...



I am concerned about how food and lifestyle affect our health, happiness and ovall wellbeing.

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