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GMO Foods....Do They Matter?

Rats born to mothers who had been fed GMO soy were

smaller and had a higher mortality rate.......

The subject of GMO foods in one I've thought about for a long time. GMO means "genetically modified organism". The thought of splicing genes from one species to another species has been done for years, seemingly without harm to humans, but as we've continued to progress in this manner, a new type of gene of a more onerous variety have been spliced into the seeds of some plants to make them produce their own insecticides. It's one thing to put genes into a species to improve the quality of the food but to put a gene in that produces insecticides worries me terribly.

The Food-Gut Connection:

The gut is the primary interface between food and the rest of your body. The gut wall is a complex system of defenses against any potentially damaging compounds. You can think of it as a large mesh fence that lets in only those substances that the body can recognize. The gut is responsible for controlling most of our immunity. When the gut loses its abilitly to keep foreign substances from passing through the "mesh", they pass into our bloodstream, causing inflammation to occur. The more the gut wall is weakened with foreign substances, the more our systems are overwhelmed.

Many of the diseases that we deal with begin with inflammation. The source of that inflammation is the gut which is the main interface between the body and food of any kind.

With GMO food, you are combining genes in a manner that does not exist in nature and putting them in food where they come in contact with the gut wall. When our immune system looks at these substances, they don't recognize them therefore they attack, causing inflammation in the gut wall which can lead to permeability, setting the stage for a host of conditions, none of them good.

Eating organic fruits and vegetables and lean protein raised responsibly will begin to heal your gut, making it less permeable and less prone to inflammation, which will make your body able to absorb the nutrients it needs to feel better and regain your health.



I am concerned about how food and lifestyle affect our health, happiness and ovall wellbeing.

I work with clients to support them to improve their health and reach the goals that they set for themselves.

I invite you to contact me for a complimentary health history consultation. 




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